4 Best Password Keeper for Android


Best Password Keeper for Android!?, When it’s about password you should do everything you have to avoid hacking and stealing, strong password is the best method to protect your accounts and data, same password for every account you have is very risky you shouldn’t do that ever, but remembering mixed password for every account you have I think is impossible except if you have big memory that keeps everything and you are one of those who remember the numbers. OK, What about apps that help you to generate and protect your password ? What about apps that retrieve your password everytime you want ? Those apps are secure very secure and have a very friendly user interface with a lot of features about password and saving data, these apps what they call password keeper.

Best Password Keeper for Android



This app is number one app in Google play for password management and keeper, this app is providing a lot of features no other app can provide, it’s compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, MAC, this app allows you to sync your passwords with Dropbox and backup or retrieve anytime you want, when you open 1Password will ask you for Pin number to unlock and manage your data, Here is how it work, you have a username & password open this app, add a new login choose what this login for: Email, Facebook, Twitter… etc, write your username and password, tap done, every time you open the website or the app that it’s password saved in your in 1Password, 1Password will suggest filling the username and password for you or open the app and copy the password, if you sign up as a new user at any website open the app and use password generator to generate a secure password for you, if  you have a secure note, passport, national security number, ID, Driver licence, visa, master, server… And more you can open the app add them and use them anytime you want. Very easy and secure. anyone asking what 1Password uses to secure our data and passwords here are the answer this app Uses AES 256-bit encryption to keep your information secure after you leave the app it will Lock automatically so your data is protected, even if your device is lost or stolen.

Dashlane Password Manager


This app is one of best password keeper for Android, it safe all your password in one place, it’s secure, friendly and easy to use, this app can generate unique, secure, passwords your accounts when you create a new account or want to change the password, you can store your important information and codes with a very secure Notes, same as what 1Password do, if you open any website or app that it’s password saved in your Dashlane you will be asked to auto-fill it for you, you can save your credit card, wallet data, note, ID, Passport details in this app, and you can customize it to fill all the data required when your signup at any website. For sure this app keeps your information secure by using AES-256 encryption,  your data or information is only saved at your device they don’t take a copy or anything, you can sync your data or backup, you can choose how to do that in settings.

Password Manager SafeInCloud™


This app is one of the best password keeper for Android and it’s the only one paid in this list, this app will save you anytime you have to remember password or important information you can very fast recall all the information that you need such as Passwords, Social number, bank accounts, notes, ID, Passport and more, this app is supporting the fingerprint security as will, this is very easy to use, and it’s designed by google material design, it has a black theme, allows you to sync all your information with cloud, autofill when you log in or generate a password when you signup, it has a free desktop version and saving your data with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard.

LastPass Password Manager


This app very strong, famous, very easy and useful, it has an Add-On for every browser such as Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, open an account in it and sync your data (passwords) between your computer and your device, the same method this app can organize and manage your passwords accounts so you can add social media accounts as a group in one file to make it easy for you to manage the passwords saved there, this app is only for passwords, it’s free in add-on browsers but in mobile free only 3 moths then you have to pay a monthly fee, this app has a very nice system for generating a new passwords and it’s using an AES 256-bit encryption to secure your information.

Finally, Keep your passwords and information safe, don’t tell people what app do you use always change your passwords at least every two months don’t use the same password in all accounts don’t use the same pattern too, try to use password generator it’s very useful and easy to use, use one of the best password keeper for Android mentioned above, so if you like any of these apps install it, if you use any other app tell us about in the comments below don’t forget to share this article, peace.

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