iPhone and iPad games with gorgeous graphics


The app store is full of games that every gamer’s love and considered to be the safe haven of every player who is looking for games that can blow his mind off. For everyone (Gamer or just iOS user) who is looking for iOS games with gorgeous graphics, this article can help you to have the best of them on the app store the developers behind these games have given their best work and you can find that when you install and play one of them.

iPhone and iPad games with gorgeous graphics

Heroic adventure (Oceanhorn ™)

Oceanhorn TM iOS gmae

Battle in dungeons. Collect treasure. Solve puzzles. Sail to new lands. Oceanhorn lets you do it all in a beautifully detailed world.

From the music to the graphics to the storyline and the puzzles this is one of the most beautiful games ever created!, I have a special love for this game! took a while but I beat the full game, yet I find myself still playing the theme music on the piano often!

It has to be the best mobile adventure game ever created!! If you love Zelda, you’ll love this just as much. It will put you in mind of it but to me, it still stands in a class of its own! It’s special! the game rocks!!! I loved every minute of it. I hope that Oceanhorn is as good as this one when it comes out!!! If it’s not broke don’t fix it! Stick with some of the same stuff! I’ll love it!!

Oceanhorn is a gorgeous, fun and expansive game that is well worth the asking price. It might be one of the most beautiful games in the App Store. The gameplay in this game is smooth and the controls work well except during the boss battles where the speed and accuracy needed to win exceed the ability of phone touch controls. That is extremely frustrating and time-consuming, but I did eventually complete the game. The storyline is okay but could have been more interesting. It also has a good soundtrack. The Oceanhorn game is in a class by itself and I’m looking forward to Oceanhorn, hoping it will retain the beauty and charm of this game.

Oceanhorn ™FDG Mobile Games GbRGames$7.99Download

Fire in the sky (Zombie Gunship Revenant AR)

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR iOS game

This one’s for the AR (augmented reality) crowd. In Zombie Gunship RevenantAR, you aim by moving your iPhone or iPad in space, letting you get in close to the dramatic thermal-vision effects.

Well first off, it’s a great game. It is one of first iOS AR games I’ve tried so far. Although it is one of those games where the basics of leveling up take patience, it can certainly be fun at times. After all, it is free.

The game is simple yet offers its player the intensity of protecting a military installation from an oncoming zombie horde. Being able to fly over and behind the mobs and blowing them up, watching the parts of limbs fly across my living room floor or otherwise is a delightful and gross treat. The sounds the helicopter makes when you fly around a space is really cool too and I’m surprised how dynamic it is.

At first, u get into a mission. Everything works out fine. you kill a few zombies here and there and over there and over here. Then at times, the helicopter would just start flying away from your current position. This can be annoying at times, but remember, this is still new and there will always get updates. Other than that, this game is fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone who likes killing zombies, the idea of moving around ur phone to zoom in or to change the direction of your weapons, or those wanting to try some of the new AR.

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR Game Advice

Just DON’T block the phone’s camera with your fingers while playing! It will screw up the AR sensory and your helicopter will spin out of control. ^_^ !.

Zombie Gunship Revenant ARLimbic Software, Inc.GamesFreeDownload

Comic-book clashes (MARVEL Contest of Champions)

MARVEL Contest of Champions iOS Game

Build a team of famous heroes and unleash their superpowers in rounds of high-intensity combat. Marvel Contest of Champions packs its quick-play sessions with plenty of flashy graphics.

This game is easy to start and fun to play. The character animations and designs are nicely done, and the interface very user-friendly. The gameplay can become a bit monotonous, but Kabam has started to add a bunch of new characters with new play-styles and interesting dynamics. If you’re a hardcore player, there is a lot to do. With story quests, event quests, arenas, and alliances, there is always somewhere to advance. At higher levels, it can become a bit of a grind to advance further, which is why I recommend joining an alliance, it’s much easier to get higher- level rewards when you work with a bunch of other players.

Casual players, don’t panic. It’s relatively easy to get some three-star champions. Like I said before, the grind can become tedious after about level 30, but you don’t necessarily have to keep advancing. There will be plenty for you to do if you just want to stay at a comfortable level. There are arenas and event quests of varying difficulty and decent rewards that don’t require hours of playtime per day.

MARVEL Contest of Champions one of the few games out there that are free and you can still compete and play without having to make in-game purchases. The game does slow down as far as progressing in the levels goes and you need to play a lot more to level up each character but that’s understandable as they need to make money as well. Hence the 4 stars as that are where I will stop playing. Graphics and character detail and overall specs for each character are great.

MARVEL Contest of ChampionsKabam Inc.GamesFreeDownload

Explosive details (Sky Force Reloaded)

Sky Force Reloaded iOS Game

In Sky Force: Reloaded, you’re one little ship fighting an armada of unrelenting enemies. If you want to survive, keep moving, keep firing back, and don’t get distracted by all the pretty explosions.

Now first off I want to say, amazing game. The graphics are just stunning easily one of the best looking games in the App Store and the sounds are awesome. I like how the game is possible to complete without any lAP, and how certain cards can even do what the lAP does. I just got my ship maxed out and finished level 13. I did most of the nightmare ones and I’m in want of new levels. Will you add new levels? Because it’ll be a bummer if there are no more levels of this amazing game. The developers of this game really did an outstanding job. It is easy to control, the graphics are astonishing, and the way this game works is amazing.

The progression system is fantastic. Play for a couple minutes if that’s all you have and you can easily collect stars, medals, ship parts, and upgrades.

The game ramps up the difficulty to meet your upgraded capabilities in a wonderful way. As you learn the enemies and levels the challenge is always increasing but never seems unfair. If you can’t meet a certain goal all you need to do is drop down a step, collect some stars, upgrade your capabilities and eventually you will be able to complete the challenge.

This game pays perfect homage to the arcade shooters that were so prevalent in the late 80’s. Fast-paced fun that is brilliant in its simplicity, you can jump right into the beautifully rendered levels and immerse yourself in the frenzy of activity from the word “go”! While higher levels require a bit of a grind to unlock, it’s not something that feels like an insurmountable task. No necessary amount but the fee for removing ads and doubling your star reward are more than reasonable to help support the creators of this excellent endeavor.

Sky Force ReloadedInfinite DreamsGamesFreeDownload

Bull’s-eye (Darts of Fury)

Darts of Fury iOS Games

There’s no better-looking darts game than Darts of Fury. From the dart models to the menus, it makes you feel like you’re in an absurdly elaborate, futuristic game show.

This is the first darts game I’ve ever played to actually feel close to playing the real thing. The multiplayer is flawless (definitely needs a quick chat option to congratulate good throws, though!) and the in-app purchase scheme is unobtrusive and well- done. Tips for new players:

  1. KNEW YOUR OUTS. This is the great equalizer. For example, I see far too many players shooting at T19 with 101 to go and 2 darts left. (T17 is the only throw with the 2nd dart that leaves you an out with the 3rd.)
  2. Upgrade your darts at the beginning of a new league. The Stability rating of your darts will decrease when you move up to a new league. Buying a new set just before you graduate to the next league is a waste of coins.
  3. Buy for Slimless and speed, not stability. The Stability rating decreases between leagues. The other ratings do not. Maximize Slim and Speed as much as you can afford when buying new darts.

This game is fantastic! The leveling up is well balanced, and you can still throw good scores with low-rank darts. A few things I hope to see in future updates: the battle to start- closest single throw to the bullseye goes first, but the random start is ok for now. Also, private multiplayer for coins- I know I have a friend I would want to play multiple games against, so being able to choose them over randoms would be awesome. Still an excellent game though!

Darts of FuryYakuto LimitedGamesFreeDownload

I hope you like this list of iOS games with gorgeous graphics if you have used any of these tell us in the comments and if you suggest any other game just comments with the name and I’ll list it here. Thank you.

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