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In Mac, Apple creates the hardware part and software part, apple gives the developers lots of API’s to develop very handy applications and this what makes macOS the most stable system. But with all of this quality applications out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options available, so in this article, I’m going to write about the best productivity apps for Mac.

You can be more and more productive by using the right tools, because of the more efficient you are the better for you and your work, there are many productivity apps for Mac in the App Store that can help you to work faster and effective.

Best Productivity Apps for Mac

Slack App

Slack one of the revolutionary apps in the world, this app is E-mail killer and its changes how can team communicate. Slack App will put all your team communication in one place, this will increase the productivity, spend less time in meetings, reduce the use of emails and it’s a very new way to get more done, so if you run a small business and communicate with your team a lot and use Dropbox, Google Drive too much this app is the best destination now it allows you to real-time messaging and file sharing (Drag and drop) and group conversations with your team. Finding an information with Slack is very easy using powerful search and archiving. Hundreds of integrations with famous apps and cloud services such as Dropbox, Asana, Google Drive, Twitter, Zendesk and more. Do you have iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Android Device or Tablet, this is not a problem Slack is in all environments and instantly syncs across all devices, a lot more feature you will find when using Slack, Give it a try.

Be Focused Pro – Focus Timer & Goal Tracker for work and study

Pomodoro Timer: Focus on your productivity and beat procrastination

Be Focused Pro - Focus TimerDenys YevenkoProductivity$4.99Download
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Pomodoro is a technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. Wikipedia.

This is the best technique that I’m myself use, this technique can boost your productivity at work, college or studying very will and fast, these apps can be used as tool for managing your focus and time, like if you have a list of tasks that needs to be done in specific time you can add these tasks in one of these apps and follow the Pomodoro Technique to complete your tasks in time, in the quote there are Wikipedia’s link you can read more about this great Technique of Pomodoro.


ZoneboxMedian Tech, s.r.o.ProductivityFreeDownload

Zonebox nice and simple application for timeboxing, for a little productivity trick, so in this app, you can set multiple time for multiple tasks of the day such as set 15 minute for replaying all your emails and by knowing there’s a limited time this will force you not to waste any time.

Pages, Numbers, Keynote

PagesApple Inc.ProductivityFreeDownload
NumbersApple Inc.ProductivityFreeDownload
KeynoteApple Inc.ProductivityFreeDownload

These apps are the most have apps at any macOS laptop because it’s Microsoft Office Alternative, in simple words, Windows has Microsoft Office, macOS has Office Suite Apps, Pages works like Microsoft Word, Numbers works like Excel, Keynote works like Powerpoint. these apps are very powerful tools for productivity and they are the best productivity apps for Mac, you can write reports, calculate financials, create powerpoint and more.

1Password – Password Manager and Secure Wallet

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Are you tired of writing your username, email, name, password on websites every time you try to log in? Are you exhausted of remembering every password you have, your ID, Passport, Driver License, Bank Details, Social Security Number? I recommend you to use one of the best productivity apps for Mac, This Application works as Password manager, Password Keeper, and Password Generator, you can save Secure Notes, Logins, Bank Details, Passport Details and more, to retrieve them when you want them, you can even sync between your 1Password app on iPhone or iPad with Mac or other 1Password users that use the same account, when you update or add anything new it automatically saved on both devices. You can generate password when you want to sign up with some websites and save that password for later use, or copy the saved password to use it when you want to log in, this application is secure with multiple security steps or methods such as passcode when you open the app to edit, copy or add, your data inside are encrypted with very strong encryption, after copying password to clipboard it will be deleted in less than minute, you can use it very safely and don’t think.

OmniFocus 2

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OmniFocus 2 one of the best productivity apps for Mac, Keep your works and play separated with contexts, perspectives, and Focus. Ignore the irrelevant, focus on what you can do now, accomplish more and do it all much faster than before, three of the biggest steps to becoming extremely productive with OmniFocus 2 is doing what it called a brain dump, one of the biggest  benefits of OmniFocus 2 is it acts as the second brain, it’s used to brainstorm many of your thoughts allowing you to stop thinking about things that are not relevant to your thoughts, to take advantage of this you have to drop out your entire brain into the software this mean is write all to do to OmniFocus, and there are a routine project feature which allows you to add what to do or should do every day with a deadline of time this allows you to not feel bad about things not being done at a specific time. You can add an individual projects for everything you working on, business, projects, studying, reading, traveling anything and everything that requires action, then you should fill every TO-DO that associated with these projects and every time ask yourself what’s next to stay in line, if you have an iPhone or iPad you can sync between the tasks, projects, TO-DO’s with your Mac and stay productive. This is the iPhone and iPad App:

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Paste – smart clipboard history & snippets manager

Paste 2Dmitry ObukhovProductivity$14.99Download

Have you copy something important and you just forgot and copy something else so the old one is gone forever? have you copied something you wish it’s available right now to use it again? here is the solution, Paste App is one of the best productivity apps for Mac it’s a new way to copy and paste for your Mac. Paste App keeps everything you’ve ever copied and let you use your clipboard history anytime, with paste app you can manage your clipboard history, past a plain or rich text, send clipboard history to archive or search in what you’ve already copy very easy and fast.

Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized


Evernote, this is a big app, this article is not enough to mention every feature this app has, a very important app for productivity and it’s changed the way you organize your personal projects. Evernote allows it’s users to type notes, draw notes, create to-do lists and save things you find online into Evernote, what I like most about this app is you can sync everything with other devices phones or laptops, it’s available for all platforms, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Evernote can allow you to share, discuss, collaborate the productively with others.


AlfredRunning with Crayons LtdProductivityFreeDownload

Alfred App is a keyboard driven productivity application, this app is award winner app for macOS, Alfred App can boost your efficiency and productivity with hotkeys and keywords, you can search inside your computer or use the web, you can also launch apps very fast, Alfred is an application launcher because it allows you to launch any application with a quick shortcut, you can control your macOS very fast using Alfred app like you can Empty trash, start the Screen Saver, restart, shut down, eject a drive and more. Alfred also syncs with other apps, such as Dropbox, to help you better access all of the files you need to work on. Off RSI you can skip using the mouse with this fast and beautiful app.

FilePane – File Management Utility

FilePane - Drag & Drop UtilitySergii IamkovyiUtilities$6.99Download

FilePane is the best way to manage your files The app gives users a “Drop Here” panel where they can quickly drag and drop files to edit, share, copy, or convert them, FilePane can detect file types very fast and offers some quick actions for it. With FilePane you can manage your images very fast like resize, convert, compressor crop, you can share the content via Email or on Facebook, Twitter, Airdrop, you can copy file size or file path to clipboard, you can easily convert text documents and images to PDF and convert PDF to image, create a new folder where you need them.


NotabilityGinger Labs, Inc.Productivity$9.99Download

Notability app is Apple’s Mac App of The Year! Apple Editors’ Choice on iPad, iPhone, and Mac! Recognized by Apple as the Best Selling Paid Productivity app in 2015, 2014, and 2013!. I think this is enough proof that this app is one of the best productivity apps for Mac. So what you can do with Notability app?, you can create notes very quickly by dragging documents, photos, or audio recordings from your desktop onto the app library, you can enhance your notes by dragging photos, audio recordings, and PDFs from your desktop to note, get more things done with the smart keyboard shortcuts included in the app, you can even handwrite and sketch in notes very easy. With these essential features you can capture memorable notes you can type reports and customize them with variety of fonts, sizes, colors, and styles, you can highlight typed text if it’s important, if you are a student or in meeting you can record the audio and draw your notes, in Notability you can create paperless classroom also speed up feedback to student and Complete, sign, and share documents, more and more feature Notability has, try it by yourself.

MindNode 2 – Delightful Mind Mapping

MindNode 2IdeasOnCanvas GmbHProductivity$39.99Download

MindNode 2 App is Best brainstorming app for Mac it can help you to make mind mapping charming, MindNode has helped students, artists, and project managers to be more creative with less effort, so if you want to brainstorm some keywords or ideas you can create a new idea and create multiple mind maps you can create connections between otherwise unrelated topics, what makes brainstorming, mind mapping in this app charming lots of things such ass the Possibility of adding photos and stickers to illustrate your ideas. Organizing think Content, not Layout, you can simply rearrange your thoughts and hide entire branches to stay on top of your idea, automatically keep complicated mind maps organized using Smart Layout, and there are a lot of features on this app than I can count give it a try and enjoy to see why i choose it as one of the best Productivity Apps for Mac.


2Do app is App Store Best of 2013, this app can let you take a completely different approach to managing your tasks, the UI of this app is very simple to use it’s flexible set of powerful features, the method of 2DO app is focusing on what’s most important for you, 2DO app is not like other to-do apps it will not force you in adhering to a particular task management methodology, you can do very crazy stuff with this 2DO app just give it try and you will be shocked with all the features included.

Finally, This list has the most need and the best productivity apps for Mac include lots of features and tools to stay productive, I recommend you to try every one of them specially, Be Focused Pro App, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, 1Password and OmniFocus 2, for sure you will choose what fits your needs so if you like or use one these apps or want to recommend an app tell us about in the comments down below, don’t forget to share this list with your friends and with Business partners to stay productive, Peace

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